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I just wanted to say a huge thanks you for looking after me for ensuring that I have been in good health since my operation.

Thank you very much for your time, care and attention. I can't tell you how much it was appreciated.

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Neck Lift / Cervicoplasty

AnaesthesiaTwilight with Local or General if required
Hospital stay1 night, or more if necessary
Removal of Stitches7 - 10 days
Return to work2 weeks
Full recovery3 - 6 months

About neck lift surgery {#introduction}

For people with loose sagging skin under the chin, vertical bands in the neck, "turkey wattles" or necks that are too heavy, neck lift surgery - either alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures - can produce very gratifying results.

Different procedures are used to address each of these problems:

  • Sagging skin may be tightened or removed using a procedure called Cervicoplasty.
  • To correct vertical bands or wattles, a technique called Platysmaplasty can be used to tighten the muscles of the neck.
  • Fat deposits can be removed directly or by liposuction.

The quality of the result will depend upon the elasticity of the neck skin and degree of sun damage to the area. Naturally, it is important to have realistic expectations, but fortunately current techniques allow for an elaborate and detailed restitution of a youthful contouring the neck, that can benefit patients with a variety of problems.

In general terms, people whose relatives have strong jaws and chins, maintain a more defined appearance of the neck later in life. For those who have inherited a relatively small chin, a combination of neck lift and chin augmentation can produce dramatic improvements for the facial balance and neck contours.

A relatively small group of people tend to have poor definition in the neck very early in life, without ever being overweight. When the elasticity of the skin of the neck is good, it is possible to do an extensive contouring, through an approach called anterior neck lift, which uses only a 3 cm incision under the chin.

  • Through this access it is possible to reduce the fatty tissue situated below the skin as well as the one deep to the platysma muscles, trim the lower pole of the submandibular glands if required, and adjusts the position and tension of the platysma muscles, in order to optimise the neck contour.
  • It is by necessity a more powerful approach and then simple liposuction, which can only address the fatty tissue situated under the skin.


Neck lift consultation {#consultation}

During your consultation your surgeon will take a general medical history and ask about other surgeries you may have had. Then the two of you will discuss your goals for the procedure and your surgeon will explain what results you can reasonably expect. Often, in particular for patients after their mid-40s, the lower part of the submandibular glands is palpable below the jaw line, and with a more simplistic approach to neck rejuvenation may sometimes become more visible at the surgery. It is possible during the neck lift procedure to address both the superficial and deep seated fatty tissue in the neck, as well as trim the lower poles of the submandibular glands, for a more detailed neck contouring.

You'll decide which procedure or combination of procedures is best and whether you should have your neck lift in conjunction with a face lift or other cosmetic procedure. You will also decide what kind of anaesthesia will be used.


What to expect from neck lift operation {#operation}

Neck lift surgery usually takes between two and three hours, longer if it is being performed in conjunction with a face lift or other procedure. If it is being performed alone, neck lift surgery is usually done as a day case.

  • If you have vertical bands or wattles that need to be addressed by platysmaplasty surgery, your surgeon will make small incisions under your chin or behind your ears to reach the your neck muscles and move them as needed.
  • If you are having cervicoplasty surgery to correct loose and sagging skin, your surgeon will make similar incisions, trim the skin, move it into place and secure it using stitches or tissue glue. Your surgeon may also fit you with a compression bandage and instruct you to wear it continuously for at least a week.
  • If excess fat must be removed, you surgeon may use liposuction, a process whereby fat is vacuumed away through thin cannulas. If this is the only procedure you are having it should take an hour or less. For a more extensive contouring, even in the presence of excess fatty tissue which can be related to genetic predisposition, lipodystrophy or excess weight, direct reduction of the fatty tissue through an incision under the chin is the procedure of choice.


After neck lift surgery {#recovery}

In the days after your surgery there are several things you should expect:

  • Depending on how extensive your procedure was, you may have some swelling and bruising. Both should settle in four to ten days.
  • You may also experience feelings of tightness, burning, pulling and numbness. These are normal in the first few weeks and will resolve on their own.
  • If you have sutures that need removing they will be taken out a week to ten days after your surgery.
  • Any discomfort you experience can be controlled by taking paracetamol or medication provided by the hospital. Do not take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medication as these can promote bleeding.
  • If you smoke, you will need to stop entirely for two weeks before and two to three weeks after your surgery to allow your body to heal in the best conditions.
  • You should be able to return to work in one to two weeks, however you will need to avoid physical activities like sports for at least three weeks, possibly longer.


Your choice

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