Facial sculpting

Facial sculpting is the principle of integrated changes in the facial proportions that may involve the cheeks, the chin, the jawline and the neck. Frequently, the aesthetic balance is improved better by moderate changes in several areas rather than striking changes in one area.

Buccal fat reduction is frequently part of contouring the central part of the cheek, often in combination with other changes either to the chin, jawline or cheekbone areas.

In some instances, facial sculpting may require a multidisciplinary team effort to achieve the best results and this would be discussed in the consultation.

Although ear reshaping or otoplasty is commonly seen as a separate item, it is essentially part of how we visualise the general shape of the face and we have included it in this group of procedures.

To some degree, when it comes to building rather than combinations of building and reduction, nonsurgical treatments can also be used as a tool to balance the features rather than just enhance some of them. This can also be analysed more accurately in 3D and the advice tailored to personal patient preferences and individual facial configurations.


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