Buccal fat reduction

When we see a sculpted appearance of the face, the contrast between the highlights of the cheekbone and the shadows below them are a significant part of the perception.

More significant volume in the central part of the cheek diminishes or takes away the shadow and creates an even light distribution over the cheek. This is typically perceived as fullness of the cheeks.

The volume in the cheek region is in a significant part created by fatty tissue distributed partly under the skin and partly in a deeper layer which we refer to as buccal fat.

Buccal fat reduction aims to reduce the deep layer and can be used either on its own or in combination with either facial sculpting procedures like liposuction, cheek and chin augmentation or neck contouring to produce an array of lights and shadows that is more contrasting.

The operation takes place normally through the inside of the mouth and does not leave any external marks.


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