Augmentation rhinoplasty

Augmentation rhinoplasty refers to increasing the projection and length of the nasal tip. It is often considered as an intrinsic component of some ethnic rhinoplasty procedures but can be part of surgery for all ethnic groups as well as in secondary interventions.

Building the framework of support of of the note requires strength and stability. This is because the skin pushes back when it is stretched. We favour the rib cartilage as a material for building the bridge and tip of the nose. This can be the patients` own (autologous) or preserved donor cartilage (allograft).

Depending on the characteristics of the nose, a reduction in the width of the nostrils (alar base reduction) may be part of the intervention.

“Just to let you know I am really happy with my results after just one week! If you could pass this onto Dr Ion I would appreciate it as he has done an AMAZING job!”

— Primary rhinoplasty patient, 2019


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